This website was created by the Greek Association of Industries and Processors of Olive Oil (SEVITEL AMKEPE) and was financed with aid from the European Union and Greece. The program is implemented in the following countries: North America (USA, Canada), Australia, Albania and Norway.

The main focus of the program is to inform and improve the consumers’ knowledge and buyers’ behavior but also to ameliorate the key factors in the supply chain around the European olive oil. It also aims at informing consumers as far as the available selling points of European olive oil are concerned, as well as promoting-identifying PDO and PGI olive oils.

Finally, the intention of this project is to associate olive oil with the Mediterranean Diet and encourage people to use it in cooking, thus resulting in succeeding its added value.

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SEVITEL AMKEPE, a non profit organization and the leading body representing private industry in the field of Olive Oil in Greece, can claim a history of 50 years.

SEVITEL's numerous members include the largest Greek processing and packaging industries as well as Olive Oil Exporters. With the purpose of aiding its members in the production and marketing of a quality product it is immediately involved in activities conducive to the overall amelioration of the sector.

Collaborations with other Federations:

SEVITEL AMKEPE is a Member and collaborates with the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV) in sector-based industrial subjects, with PSE (PanHellenic Exporters Association) on issues regarding processes and disincentives of exports, with SEVE (Exporters’ Association of Northerner Greece) and IOBE (Institute Economic and Industrial Researches). Also collaborates with EBEA (Industrial and Commercial Chamber of Athens) on issues of information, marketing etc, with the Association of Anonymous Companies and LTD, on issues of promotion in the foreign markets.

In addition, SEVITEL works with the other Professional Association ESVITE (Hellenic Association Of Olive Oil Packers) for the promotion of common objectives and mainly dealing with the problems of olive oil marketing. Finally SEVITEL participates in the National Interprofessional Organisation of Olive oil and olives (EDOEE) for the publicity and the promotion of olive oil consumption as well as in the Committee of Promotion of labelling olive oil (EPTE).